I’m feeling very #thankful today for @ian and @hunter, who are putting in a lot of time this weekend to migrate phpc.social to new infrastructure to help us weather the next big #TwitterMigration surge and continue to grow our community well beyond our current MAU of ~2700. #PHP #PHPC

I’m also very #thankful for @hugo of @mastohost, who has given us the best support a hosting provider could give and has provided top-of-the-line service over the last 4+ years of hosting phpc.social. #Mastodon and the #Fediverse would not be where it is today without him.

Hugo, you’ve been an amazing partner on this journey as we’ve navigated this new world of #decentralized social media. Thank you!

@d Check with @ian and @hunter. The migration might be under control right now, but there might be opportunities to volunteer for continuing devops efforts.

@ramsey @d @hunter Yeah, at this point we have plans set for the migration tomorrow morning (US time, early afternoon UK time). After that, there's cleanup/automation we could do if you have a significant interest therein. Or dev to make bits of infrastructure more efficient (particularly on the queue worker side). Assuming you want to assist with phpc.social specifically, other than throwing money at our Open Collective project.


@ian @ramsey @hunter Do you have a list of what needs doing? It might be above my level, but I'd love to help if I can.

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@d @ramsey @hunter Not yet. Might make one over Thanksgiving weekend. Boils down to "be able to go from a blank server to a web + streaming or sidekiq server by telling a script to run, and have that script be configurable"...so, configuration management-y stuff. Or a fancy docker-compose file that sers all the right env vars maybe (the new setup is *not* dockerized).

@d @ramsey @hunter Infrastructure automation (Terraform or the like) would be cool and all, but "avoiding needing to click buttons in Vultr" is lower priority than "avoid needing to fiddle with the server over SSH"

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