@ian @ramsey @hunter Do you have a list of what needs doing? It might be above my level, but I'd love to help if I can.

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I’m feeling very #thankful today for @ian and @hunter, who are putting in a lot of time this weekend to migrate phpc.social to new infrastructure to help us weather the next big #TwitterMigration surge and continue to grow our community well beyond our current MAU of ~2700. #PHP #PHPC

The speed of light hasn't improved since the 1950s. If we could improve it by 20-30% it would make a huge difference. Big opportunity there - "faster light as a service".

So much system design advice starts from the assumption you must run a distributed system with a NoSQL database. Like "we're string 500GB of data with 1000qps, so we need to use Cassandra instead of Postgres".

I registered recently on Mastodon so here’s my .

I live in south east UK, in Suffolk. Happily married, parent of an 8 year old, and stroker of a labrador. Software engineer, more manager and architect than individual contributor. Avid reader, dog walker, and varied music listener. At my happiest, I have a stout, a good book, listening to some choral music in an armchair.

Listening to Eliza Cathy & The Restitution “Queen of the Whirly Whorl” with my morning coffee. Fun folk music, I love it.

Good to see management books coming out to discuss remote working. So many existing books assume everyone is in the office together all of the time. Remote comes with its own unique challenges.

This morning, I had a chat with an experienced k8s engineer who said we don’t use CPU limits enough. This evening I read this. home.robusta.dev/blog/stop-usi

Brilliant news for Brazil and the world, although it's sad 49% of Brazilians still voted for Bolsonaro. bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-ame

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